Ukrainian grain with DU and plutonium exported secretly, the obvious explanation of the silo collapse in Beirut (updated)

Whereas the explosion of Qassim Suleimani’s clandestine nuclear reactor on August 4th 2020 (from relativistic neutrons) sprayed depleted uranium all around, the explanation behind the silo collapse in Beirut a few days ago (with another silo collapse on the 4th, exactly at the nuclear blast anniversary date) is clearly elsewhere.

There is a truck just behind the silos in the videos documenting the collapse. There are also containers next to it. See there.

Ukrainian grain was already being exported before the Odesa agreement according to this data :

Ukrainian grain is contaminated by depleted uranium from the ATGMs brought from the West before the conflict and from Ukrainian weapons (Gvodzila shells for instance), HEU from the tips of these weapons, plutonium from new weapons and from the Ukrainian crematory ovens and crematory reactors, neptunium and other transuranics from the Chernobyl fallout and from the Stugna-P ATGMs.

In a silo with contaminated grain the relative densities lead to alpha emitters falling down and then going critical with wheat doing the neutron moderation, with solar neutrons feeding the chain reaction. This is extremely consistent with the events. Lebanon is an obvious importer of Ukrainian grain, being close and poor, extremely likely to buy such cheap provisions in spite of their contamination.

Russian forces attempted to magnet clean the Ukrainian depleted uranium and plutonium with magnets, with Tigr-M units as well as BMD tanks for instance. These units have been targeted systematically by the Ukrainian forces. Hence the agricultural inequality between the East and the West of Ukraine :

Source Michael Cruickshank

The Odesa agreements are likely to cover somehow magnet cleaning of the grain. But grain exported covertly earlier was obviously not cleaned at all. Hence the nuclear fire and blast.

Updates :

  • The first official shipment of grain from Ukraine was actually to Lebanon, confirming the argument !
  • It collapsed AGAIN on August 4th during the memorial of the 2020 nuclear blast !

It’s in theory possible that a simple pressure push effect from the coming of the cargo (that departed on the 3rd) caused the collapse on the 4th, with +/+ pressure causing the spill at a very long distance, because of the high frailty of the silos in Lebanon, more alpha emitters pushing out those that were still in this weak structure along with Ukrainian grain.

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