A new generation of Javelin missiles without depleted uranium (more nuclear and more efficient)

Since the end of July, I have stumbled upon a few videos showing Javelin strikes in Ukraine not exhibiting at all the pattern of depleted uranium use (coming soon – the scientific recipe ! draft online of my plutogenization concept, based on the sunflower). This somehow surprised me but there is a consistent set of videos coming together with the fact that Lockheed Martin is doing new deliveries of Javelins, to confirm that the missile configuration has evolved. It flies much faster than the original for obvious reasons. Here are two screenshots extracted from the first video that caught my eye :

I have had difficulties at first because the high temperatures seemed to be enough to explain the high rise but colour of the cloud is much clearer and there would be a differing pattern with depleted uranium, it would quickly spread around. This is not your usual Javelin missile.

Here is another example with the instant of detonation near the target of a Javelin shaped charge in another recent video from which I extract two screenshots, the strike was shown twice in the record so that’s why it looks like 20 seconds separate the two pictures but this is not at all the case :

One can find the full video on Internet and see at 0:31 the long line of smoke behind that confirms it’s not a DM31 mine.

Here is another :

And another :

This one had a limited criticity at impact but the resulting plume remains much lighter than what was the custom with the earlier Javelins

Here is below a very late case of depleted uranium Javelin :

It’s heavy and deviates on a side. The argument that it’s a “BV” tank (with crematory ash cans in pistons to rotate the engine) is not tangible, it’s heavy depleted uranium dust that flies on the side, the twitter account is looking for “reasonable” explanations in the perspective of pro-Ukrainian propaganda. As regards BV tanks, they have been seen in the DPR, LNR, and massively on the Ukrainian side but not among Russian units.

So with the above picture one can better compare with the earlier case. Thinness and roundness along with the lighter weight indicate a ratio of enrichment close to 90% in my opinion. The new Javelins also fly fast for the same reasons, use of enriched material. Most of the results are consistent with removal of the rear load of depleted uranium, so with solely a HEU shaped charge at the tip, but one is consistent with plutogenization of the depleted uranium at the rear (the one that comes laterally with a white flash at the rear). New missiles are being produced (following Joseph Biden’s visit in the Alabama plant of Lockheed Martin), with old missiles in the Lockheed Martin stocks having their rear replutogenized with an accelerator neutron source. Forty-five such missiles have been already produced since around July 20th, am I being told, which is consistent with the small batch of videos that has emerged since then. More is obviously coming soon.


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