Industrial genociding of Jews and other “non-nationals” in Ukraine, more facts

I have shown how consistently the Ukrainian regime has used nazicommunist methods in this war which it has triggered by accumulating large stocks of DU ATGMs near the border, training with them and starting to fire with them, mixing DU and chlorine and readying new-generation crematory reactor tanks (the Shturm-SMs) for incineration of civilians.

Above another case of the first “zyklon-C” strikes of the Ukrainian militias toward the LNR (source of the pics @KyleJGlen on Twitter). Depleted uranium mixed with chlorine in MLRS shells having a crematory basis. This happened just after President Vladimir Putin declared that Ukraine should not pursue nuclear weapons – the shot is indeed subcritical (in relation to the low efficiency of crematory oven weapons, not even a flash). For brainbreaking and immediate plutogenization with the quite fast properties of chlorine, in the Shturm-SMs. Later the truth of Ukraine’s mass system of crematory reactors and also their use of RBMKs for these purposes emerged – see featured articles on this blog. There is so much cases, it’s flabbergasting. Non exhaustive list.

The Hrim-1 has been used for the recent black dusty strikes on Crimea.

Made with crematory oven ash

Let’s look at the company making the Hrim-1 – started under the USSR…

This is the website name of the firm but its official name is different. Yuzhnoye… The “Yud” / in French we say Juif and there are links between French and Ukrainian (see Hughes Capet’s wife Anne de Kyev, Ivano-Frankivsk…) so the zh corresponds to the f. Noyé (drowned) – in a blue mix that directly rises to represent the rocket : uranium in Prussian Blue (zyklon-B), bodies plutogenized to power the rockets. Let’s look at famous products of this firm :

R36 Satan, Tsyklon thrusters, yummy…

Besides, the Ukrainian banking system also bears the marks of the industrial genocide.

Many Hryvnias bear the portrait of Stepan Bandera. Big banknotes related to fast moneyprinting.

A “reactor” is schematized in the middle of the drawing on the right of Bandera, made half-recognizable but with direct inspiration from the statue below (instead of the more usual portrait, to make this less obvious). “Juice” comes out from above the crematory reactor (pressure system in the middle) and fills glasses, bottles and pots. Jews reduced to “juice”.

It’s officially Grigory Skovoroda on the banknotes but the eyes have been changed and the hair brought to the thinness of Bandera’s.

From shape of the eyes to thinness of the traits it’s Bandera on the banknote, not Skovoroda.

The bank is theoretically built on Russian gas transit but this is absurd. What is really relies on is gassing. Gas chambers, the stealing of goods from the victims, and emission of new banknotes indeed whose value is “compensated” by what is stolen. Like what happened at the height of the French Revolution with the assignats. Inflation came from the guillotine as goods had several assignats emitted through passing from owner, then guillotined, to owner. Banknotes with a nazi collaborator after killing Jews. And that murderous, bastard bank can hence support a network of stations for the charging of electricity vehicles with the human fuel it has. It is also extremely clear that Ukrgasbank provides directly the human fuel to Energoatom (that it’s not Westinghouse). I am finding actually an impressive physical similarity between Volodymyr Zelenskyi and Robespierre (“qu’un sang impur abreuve nos sillons” allows crematory ovens and their plutogenization process). Ukraine is the dark side. After the fall of the USSR which itself under Nikita Khruschchev butchered Jews massively in retchlags (Yuzhnoye was largely developed under the direction of Khrushchev who visited it and said “we make rockets like sausages”), Nazis emigrated progressively in this country seen as “blond haven” (Hitler’s Ukrainian Popular Army being the basis of the network that gathered in Ukraine after 1991) and it explains the current situation there where sovietism and nazism are intertwinned.

Another bank on Stepan Bandera avenue is obviously part of the same system. A man fined for vandalizing a Stepan Bandera statue in Ternopil.

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