Why depleted uranium in Boeing 747s – cruise missiles launched with civilians plutogenized in (explaining the cases of the KAL 007 and of the MH17)

The knowledge of gassing technologies and of the 1970s projects for cruise missiles launched from civilian airplanes allows to understand depleted uranium in Boeing 747 ballasts.

No you are not dreaming

This is kind of an old invention, of the second half of the 1970s.

The pattern is clear, the luggage vacuumed under the passengers, put upside down, the rooms between passenger areas closed, depleted uranium injected, then after a time of plutogenization for which solar neutrons contribute wholly, bodies put in the luggage rising from below, the descent of material used to cover the bodies from above the former seating rooms, covering the missiles which act as primitive nuclear devices.

There are two cases for which involvement is clear. The KAL 007 was never found. This 1983 flight obviously involved such a plan, the pattern of the pilot with late climb (read the Eurasian Times’ article) demanded to the Tokyo Air Traffick Control Tower indicates that he was rising for plutogenization (to get closer to solar neutrons). Then he was destroyed by a Soviet interceptor jet. The numbering 007 shows that it was a plane for special operations and certainly indeed secret bombing of Vladivostok was being prepared, the Soviet interceptor took a preemptive measure.

The second case for which such a pattern is clear is the MH17 of Malaysia Airlines. Remains show the dual-mode yellow (ready for uranium contamination) metallic gear allowing for the descent of the primitive missiles from the main room of the plane.

Google Images data on MH17 debris

Observation of MH17 debris is also entirely consistent with a plane trapped with Natrosol for making such cruise missiles. This plane departed the Netherlands, a country where there are Natrosol specialists, Natrosol is a sodium floor system that allows explosive killing and rapid mixing into uranium for later plutogenization in a ductile format of body remains. This was obviously attempted against Russia and the Separatist republics here. The sodium flooring was clearly detonated by the impact of some rocket near the soil as it was obviously readying to drop the human flesh CALCMs. Let’s note how MH17 indicates Mash while suggesting complicity with Adolf Hitler since “the 17 is mashed, for the 18 to emerge”.

The specialty of Ashland (Ashland Global Holdings, also based in small cities of the same name) which is handling human remains for making plutonium, and making possible cremation with such products as Natrosol (sold especially to the Chinese communist party and to Pakistan, but also to Ukraine…), also corresponds with the recent terrorist case with a small plane powered by zyklon-chlorine blobs (in the oscillating system where they are brought together by air pressure for a criticity powering their repulsion, the two directions movement seized by a gear to spin the rotorblade) departing from near Ashland to attempt a crash on a Walmart. The plane is dark because of the zyklon power (badly plutogenized uranium, even in chlorine mix, chlorine fosters a somehow better plutogenization but with more noise later because of its flammability). The European base of Ashland is in the Netherlands, a country also staunchly advocating for ISDS clauses, the investor-State dispute settlement regime that allows private companies to use crematory systems such as Natrosol against “rogue employees” while protecting it under the clauses of “Market Access” and Fair and Equitable Treatment and of “tantamount to expropriation” if they are compelled not to use their kill systems. Ashland also trades through Germany, France and the UK, but its base is in the USA. This company also provides for a soil cleaning technology that is specially conceived to clean soils after crematory reactor working.

These scrapers have been used in Ukraine behind BTR 80s, along Shturm-SMs

There are more chemical products made by Ashland that make gas chambers possible. They are international specialists in the matter. This company descends from Paperclip, bringing Nazi methods into the capitalist economy. They certainly sleep in the night thinking that they allow the progressive autophagy of the CCP, that is a massive buyer of their products. This is useless. And particularly cruel when used in countries targeted with depleted uranium strikes, creating a MASSIVE unbalance that is even more inequalitarian than old-style colonialism in my opinion given the behaviour of depleted uranium.

Pakistan in this regard is a particularly worrying case but Iraq also has been involved in 4 ISDS cases, indicating an issue on that side.

The theorem of lasers with zyklon ash is pretty much pathetic. The amount of light emission, even “black light”, is infinitesimal. The below necessarily involves an opening on the face of the nuclear core with an uranium-plutonium jet and the illustration actually Implies it by mixing black and yellow. How do you reduce manufacture emissions ? Certainly by reactor ovening dirty workers before using them for this robotic chip manufacture. According to some quite reliable sources, recent war movements of the CCP against Taiwan were pushed forward by the South Korean government as they learned how South Korean workers were already being ovenated in Taiwan and they asked China for help. It’s certainly experiments for the process in question below.

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