How depleted uranium in Bosnia killed Princess Diana – the key factor of her death

Princess Diana went to Bosnia in early August 1997 for a campaign against landmines, to meet victims. Through that three-days stay she was exposed to depleted uranium dust. The effects on her are visible through the visit, their rise is blatant.

Above she is seen reddening, her ankles swollen in particular. Contamination is gaining ground. Leg difficulties also happen, she can’t walk normally and needs to raise a leg that has been heavily contaminated.

She has gotten totally red and feels pain in the kidneys, where she is pushing. There are beginning of signs of uncontrolled miction, another symptom of DU exposure.

She is less red now but there are much more uncontrolled miction indications, she has partly vented the DU through urine and her vaginal fluids in her blue jean’s.

More miction evidence

So as she gets a large bouquet of flowers she uses it to attempt to conceal the urine loss.

It is in my opinion the key factor in her death later as I have proven how internal contamination with depleted uranium drives alcoholism and use of painkillers, as well as hypersexuality, certainly explaining the “partying” state of mind that day, and it relates even more crucially to her death spell. She had spent nine days on Mohamed al-Fayed’s yacht near the French and Italian riviera just before coming back to Paris. On a yacht, with all the high natural radioactivity of the seawater, excretion is much more difficult due to the positive resistivity of the seawater down under. Diana is still conscious after her car crash, whispers “oh my god”, “leave me alone” and removes an intravenous perfusion from her arm. She suffered from ribs and arms fractures and collar bone dislocation, syndromes very much associated with the shuriken effect of 238U atoms mincing the bones. Sedation leads her into a first cardiac arrest because her heart was able to manage to get blood around the U238 atoms with intense activity but a clog follows reduction of heartbeat rate from sedation. The doctors resuscitate her but her heart had been moved to the right side of the chest (the side of her body most affected by the crash, she was seating sideways) indicating that her heart was heavy with depleted uranium contamination still reeling in, allowing for the “pendulum swing” under the energy of the crash. This along with the obvious effects of the CPR with blood contaminated with depleted uranium causing many small internal hemorrhages (the left pulmonary vein is also tore down) causes her eventual death. In other words it is the depleted uranium remaining in her blood, not the crash itself, that kills her. She is victim of the shuriken effect and of the bone breaks and internal hemorrhages it causes. The bone collar dislocation relates to the area most affected during her trip in Bosnia, as she walked there with her shirt open on the top, the top of her chest reddened from the contamination absorbed through the skin directly into the bones. Certainly did the sunrays spin the shuriken atoms during her yacht stay, increasing the progressive internal damage. The later shock breaks her like a crystal castle.

Certainly Egyptian film producer Dodi Fayed wasn’t very good at bed either (for reasons of the dominant Islamic culture in Egypt) and her likely absence or quasi absence of ejaculation during her holidays on his yacht did not help Princess Diana.

Whereas Diana died from depleted uranium, Elizabeth II died from the opening of the truth on the KAL 007 ! She jumped in parachute for a James Bond movie. Passengers being turned into raw material for clandestine strikes from civilian airliners (with the 007 indicating it was planned under the Crown’s watch) were a secret too heavy to see opened in public !

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