Ukrainian forces, Oak Ridge and nuclear reactor accidents in the USA (Brunswick and Farley) – the clearcut case

There is a very strong and flabbergasting case in the USA for the set-up of crematory reactors under the influence of Ms Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee, who clearly wished to burn Black people in reactors to make ash (so to make use of her name as a politician, her “political signature”). This goes together with the hack of the electoral commission in Tennessee in 2018. Ukrainian computers involved.

Let’s note how this precedes the Farley nuclear accidents and the Brunswick mega-accident. MAGA-accident as well, because the policy that was adopted of killing in drug traffickers coming into the US from the Carribean carrying metamphetamine tabs… was a Donald Trump policy. On Farley see here (with smaller NPP accidents also caused by Florence) and also here and read this for Brunswick as well as my new peer reviewed article. From her authority as senator Ms Blackburn could impose these positions of the use of the crematory technology and impose it to the Oak Ridge lab that depends on the Senate for financing.

So this resonates directly with the whole crematory culture in Ukrainian nuclear reactors and cores, proven by the very many war cases, from this and this to this and this, for instance, and also with the Zaporizhzhia attacks to cause a nuclear accident they wanted to blame Russia for, some described there.

Besides, since Ukrainian forces are the traditional ally of China, using the same armouring for their war machines (intended at hiding crematory reactor leaks),

The Ukrainian MFA actually says it, “The strategic partnership” – note also RFERL’s notes

this is an excellent opportunity for a word on the Sanmen nuclear accident caused by the recent typhoon (burst of a crematory tokamak) ! In my opinion with her red face and yellow hair Ms Marsha Blackburn has taken China as a corresponding ally of her political opinions, for easy funding and also mash advancing, since Mash is the usual name of the human material mixed and compressed with uranium for plutogenization. It’s used officially by the Belarusian regime for instance on a bike that clearly uses a retchlagmash-version of my plutonium bicycle model, and also by an Ukrainian Telegram channel always eager to try to blame Russia for using mash – without a single valid case. There are cases against the LNR on this subject (the DNR has crematory reactor cases, with use for propulsion) but never Russian forces. See also Kherson for Ukrainian retchlagmash making with Prussian Blue tincture. There is a question, whether depleted uranium in Ukraine was actually spread by Joe Biden and the Democrats to screw progressively computers after it getting inside and making them progressively less able to work with the increasing alpha decay. Also with the hardships of removing it once it’s in between the electronic wires.

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