Uranium mining with corridor system in south-west Ukraine – in the middle of the forest, Soleil Vert in Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelenskyi has seated his personal reign in Ukraine and there are few signs of progress. Among things that leave me dreamy, the change of name of the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant, that obviously follows my article on the Ukrainian Jewish Genocide customs with Yuzhnoe as an example :

It is quite likely that Mr Zelenskyi was honestly frightened and decided to give a sign that the killing of Jews is not permissible anymore by ordering a name change. Though there remains a question, Pivo means beer and Nø evokes Norway, Norway sent LAWs (light antitank weapons, without depleted uranium) after the stream of DU weapons delivery, is there a secret sacrifice of Norwegian beer therein (some beers are quite light, very fluid, have an honest void coefficient, far from positive, but close to 0,5 I think) as revenge for their refusal to provide DU weapons ?

Secondly, there are small signs that the culture of crematory plutogenization there evolved with most recent strikes having been done with animals in and not humans anymore. Could be a very positive sign again.

Thirdly, I have discovered in Transcarpathia (which matches pretty much the ancient Volodymyrya) an area of uranium tunnel mining. Wormhole entries that remind me of cobalt mining in Africa. Wasn’t a derivate of the African Carrot used for bioweapons manufacturing ? (An experiment in S for “creating antigravitons” to a priori make limited area-of-impact bioweapons… couldn’t work)

The peak at the north east is temporarily closed (‘fermé temporairement’). Corridor patterns atop. Some more among the forests. Also tiny tunnel gates, some clearly visible, some hidden under tree cover. Like wormholes. Soleil Vert is the French language translation of the movie name Soylent Green.

In the second picture above, to the left of the corridor mines, with a way of access atop the mountain that has been cleared of trees, you see left of that area, the effects of moving uranium around, damaging trees.

So, in my opinion young teenagers, 15 to 21 years old, mobilized by the regime but not old enough for going to the front are sent there to mine uranium, through digging in the tunnels and corridors, but there are areas that are made for killings, the small groups of corridors that are in the central part (least accessible, in relation to the obvious surveillance all around). But there is a clear point, the culture in Transcarpathia may relate to “transvampirism”, what’s beyond vampirism ? Killing. In the middle of the green forests, is made the soleil of Ukraine, the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant’s orange-reddish shielding is compatible with large amounts of blood and flesh in their cores.

As supplementary note I did take the time to survey the Urals out of sheer curiosity. There are abandoned Soviet-time corridors in the mountains, which are visible sometimes in Instagram stories, they are full of snow already, zero sign of vegetation pollution around.

Clean, beautiful, full of light.

These are Soviet relics. The Russian Federation knows that it’s impossible to achieve efficient weapons by putting people in the nuclear cores along with uranium and uses industrial leaching with acid injections to extract uranium from the ground. Orano, by the way, works with them in Zheleznogorsk.

Acid injection technology

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