The gas chamber and crematory oven hidden in the entrance of the WHO in Geneva

I have found out about the presence of a gas chamber and crematory oven thanks to the implicit criticism in the China Daily of that structure. This “orange” VR concept just above the picture that shows, left, the traces of a uranium shower, like this one for instance and this one as well, and right a crematory oven, all hidden in a block of concrete with arrayed protections around and a brown WHO logo on it, and it’s confirmed through other ways.

screenshot from

Let’s note the name Maria van Kerkhove, that place is a kind of a church-oven (in the symbolism where it’s the WHO Church), she’s the Maria, the immaculate of this church-oven, so she was chosen to speak publicly more frequently, for these reasons (“The rest of the WHO has familial mediterranean fever”). A very stupid and very telling altogether name-based-nomination.

The Tribune de Genève knows… and associates the picture of the gas chamber & crematory oven with Abuses in the WHO and talks of a “brûlot”, kind of fire. The implicit is clear. They also suggest extraordinary rendition within and possibly the car does use the resulting plutogenized ashes for its motorization. Do note also the bottom plateau (plate) pulled out to retrieve the plutonium (heaviest particles of the system) after the cremation. Confirming definitively that it is a crematory system in a BLATANT way.

(Thanks also to Alamy and 123RF for these images of public utility…)

It’s definitively clear that this is why the WHO is AUTISTIC. Nothing sane can emerge of an organization regulated like that. At best it fosters their collective interest to let sicknesses invade the world and to not talk about alpha emitters because they can use the crematory system to feed their heavy black cars… at worst madness, permanent harassment of personnel within, general inefficiency and neurological diseases from contamination with the oven.

Mr Ghebreyesus exhibits direct signs of Exposure to Oven, face darkening and curly black hair from the ashes of the oven altogether with the high heats (radium fission… cross section for thermal neutrons, circa 4000). Confirming the accusations from the military government of Ethiopia (Reuters). The Tigray People’s Liberation Front emblem is akin to that tower kill system, and also very similar to the DPRK’s.

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