The Sanmen nuclear accident already killed more than 200 whales near Tasmania

The Sanmen nuclear accident fallout has been catapulted by the hurricane southward into an area of low sea pressure near Tasmania. Where it killed many, many small whales by brain and respiratory annihilation.

Below you can see the high altitude winds along with sea level pressure and the rolling carpet through which the nuclear fallout flew rapidly to the South is visible. It took a W shape to Australia. Ending up in the southern area of low sea pressures.

Later the low sea pressure near Tasmania is still there. The fallout compensates that. It is possible because of seawater-in-spinning-centrifuges that this low pressure area was there (even though I think that traditionally Tasmania has benefitted from cold water coming from the Antarctic) and for a country with enormous land-based uranium resources, whose extraction would improve soil fertility later, it is a bad policy. I do not know though what exactly is the explanation (natural event or mass use of seawater).

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