Depleted uranium weapons create the YMCA society

Depleted uranium weapons (or Th232 weapons) contaminate first the soil level, near the ground the DU dust staggers, harming and killing first children, and then women, through two ways. Women are usually smaller than men AND men’s contamination is frequently ejaculated in the women, causing genitourinary diseases, PBC being a simple case.

DU dust preserves at the end tall men only. Charles de Gaulle is the rare case of a tall man who did not approve of such weapons – the large Canjuers military camp, adapted for spreads of DU dust, was founded in 1971, after his death (depleted uranium has ceased to be used there since 2020 but there are questions with Ukrainian soldiers coming to train there more recently, given the Ukrainian artillery’s continued use of DU – crematory oven shells fired), and likewise for the first strikes with depleted uranium in Vietnam (in parallel with the floating of the dollar). The society DU creates is a YMCA society : DU contamination also fuels homosexuality, I have proven this in this newly published scientific article : (pdf). It appears as Opinion – magnetic acupuncture is certainly not the only way homosexuality can be healed. But my opinion is that it’s a good way.

The issue can also emerge with contamination from crematory oven / reactor weapons, and for the endocrine side of my article (the thyroid), (retchlag)mash weapons. For that case a scene in M*A*S*H in Father Mulcahy does a Tracheotomy gives a flabbergasting proof of what I am saying. The M*A*S*H crew knew very very well how Soviet-style weapons affect health.

I think, by the way, that Archbishop Justin Welby’s comments on the dangerosity of trickle down economics in Australia are very right because in Australia with the sun and the high natural radioactivity crematory ovens / reactors are very widespread and in a crematory oven / reactor the plutonium typically falls down, is typically harvested on a plate down under.

The Ukrainian army also uses systematically crematory weapons (in a video on the Caesar, they said that what they love most is when it fires with crematory detonator shells) and recently tried to fake crematory fallout in the forests to blame Russian forces. The facts that appear day after day are still terrible.

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