Depleted uranium in Ukraine cleaned by Russian military forces – will the West take action as well ?

Volodymir Zelenskyi recently complained for the first time of the massive amounts of depleted uranium contaminating Ukraine.

He complained somehow while acknowledging that security services turn DU victims into uranium warheads, implicitly acknowledging that this is why Kyiev and other Ukrainian cities would not be evacuated.

This came as reports on levels of DU contamination in Ukraine showed worsening. The colder weather causes DU dust to landfall.

The DU-showered truce in Ukraine, as Zelenskyi was speaking. Before relying on these maps I had checked with Google Satellite and saw how the field contamination is obvious in areas reported by the Russian maps.

I have already shown Russian military technology used for cleaning depleted uranium and other alpha emitters, Tigr-Ms, BMD-4Ms for instance, systematically targeted by Ukrainian forces because this goes against their strategy of the national purge with bodies of victims used as weapons. (The red laser, of blood, with sodium (mash) being another modality of that and Darth Vader has actually a statue in Odessa)

“We systematically incinerate Russian war prisoners and convert them into the fire of our army” – Ukrainian Pravda. A statue of Lenin was actually coated in black armour to make for the monument to Darth Vader. See for instance the last big batch of Ukrainian crematory ovens, many of them destroyed in the last long-range Russian missile strikes.

This above is another Russian tank with magnet-cleaning specialty. The tank cleans and uses the alpha emitters in its small nuclear core(s) for propulsion, and after plutogenization for new shots.

Another example with a small magnet at work on a tank of the DPR
The magnet
Ukrainian forests of Transcarpathia have suffered massively this year of the coming depleted uranium dust mixed with crematory oven ashes and mash. Positive push (reverse magnet effect) at work.
That’s before (October 2021)

Pripyatisation is ongoing. Earlier recollected data shows an earlier step of the DU dust. There also have been Ukrainian cleaning activities in the West of the country but for gassing in Lviv and in other crematory oven areas.

DU dust is falling down with the cold, and as it is more in line the positive push (reverse magnet effect) is more powerful.

Another Russian military information channel signals how Russian artillery cleans, vacuums the DU (“ведут”) for more strikes after some plutogenization. It’s much easier to clean plutonium239 thanks to its relatively short half life.

November 20th : Russian military report that MiG31s with Kinzhal missiles are here to put the DU-showered truce in Error 404.
Associated with this new map of DU in Ukraine

On the Western side, I have heard indications that French-delivered Crotale systems would have received a magnet ability as well. In addition to that, MIM-46 Maulers could also be delivered to Western Ukraine with a magnet supplementing each unit. UK governmental help brought to Ukraine many fermionic condensators but they were built with retchlagswabs in for making antigravitons specific to mash, and, worse even, were used in offensive style with Transcarpathia retchlagswabs fired in Bakhmut, to clean the dirty effects of the mash strikes ! Cardboard boxes used for carrying the mash swabs used within. Production period of the mash condensators corresponds with period of winds coming into Italy, during the peer review of my article on the reverse magnet effect…

British belief that Russians are the “zergrush kekekeke” people striking with mash, actually helping Ukrainians to strike Russians with mash

The system can be shown at work photographically although video proof is better but this comes from my own screening of videos I simply cannot record and provide in full.

The purple shows a particular colour shift related to the activation of the Fermionic condensator for antigraviton generation pulling the deadly heavy cloud. Noncremated blood remains in the weapon are more attracted by these particular condensators made with mash.
Pulled forward
The face of a victim within the Fermionic condensator emerges. Isn’t it quite Italian ?

So it’s somehow difficult still today to believe that it’s anything else from the West than MIMicking cleaning, although it seems that the Crotale’s shape is quite well adapted to magnet cleaning and Crotales are being refitted with Fermionic condensators with a Pb window and non-crematory DU in with chlorine for moderator, according to a French military source (see also the end of this article for an early demonstration).


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