The ban on dum-dum bullets (hollow point bullets) sets a clear background for the total ban of DU weapons

Dum-dum bullets are anti-personnal bullets made to deface the victim as it splatters while getting into the skull when it is shot. They are also called hollow point.

The 1899 Hague Convention is very protective and excellently drafted.

This is both the nature of depleted uranium (anti-squeezed, hollow in its center, see my scientific article) and the essential characteristic of DU with its progressive decay activity rise with time (as daughter atoms have short and shorter half lives, making it a time bomb). (The hollow nature of depleted uranium is what leaves a room within for a neutron to make it into plutonium 239.) All weapons with a core that is not completely enveloped, for instance, for low chain reaction (because of the asymettric criciticity) are also condemned in addition to bullets which expand within the body, as DU weapons do. It even makes wonder if principles of criticity were already understood and this was written just after Paul and Marie Slodowska-Curie and Henri Becquerel’s discoveries. Not to mention the concept of dum dum bullets and the Spanish Flu afterward killing millions of veterans of WW1. The law was written before WW1 which saw massive use of artillery, in a way unseen before. The text was written for the weapons of its time. This can be even proven with the case of the “N-rays”, obviously neutrons.

Initial discovery of neutron effects on alpha emitters in the air, without full explanation, likely not seeing the alpha emitters, imprinting on a photographic film the fission light.

Be it in rifle ammunition, in larger guns and artillery, in antitank missiles, in cruise missiles, in airdropped bombs… It’s always an anti-personal ammunition. Dum dum defaced many soldiers during WW1 and DU weapons do exactly the same, defacing also the environment although since last year has been understood a way to remove it rapidly and efficiently (with the Fermionic subcritical condensator in my SRR article and its antigravitons). DU weapons create a long term damage within the soldier, creating a slow rise with time of the damage.

It’s in a certain way clear that Ukrainian troops only apply the St Petersburg declaration and use lots of heavy DU artillery shells and ATGMs (with nevertheless some evolutions frequently under pressure from the West… besides the fact that they have invited me before the beginning of the war, mid January 2022, following my email to the State Department for a work on plutogenization (like “OK I’m looking for a job – interested in getting rid of DU ammo – let’s send an application through the State Department”) in exchange for salary, but this was pretty much kamikaze and I stopped short because the Ukroboronprom company did not bring confidence in me – with the “patriotism tests” required…), as I have shown in length on that website, with the case of a rifle with DU bullets only found once, in Kramatorsk outside the war itself although for making later crematory shells. Many Ukrainian troops are indeed eager to reproduce the 1941 experiment.

Besides if troops having DU weapons are reading, I would like to remind how the simple way to get rid of them clearly for military purposes it to put them in canisters as fuel for Fermionic subcriticals, and use the energy to pilot a railgun (not only the Peltier energy but the dynamo spun, connected to an electricity generator with potentiometers) with some additional Pu in the iron rod catapulted with the railgun (wire spiralled into a gun, sandwiched between the inner and the outer layer of it, in which the potentiometers discharge their accumulated electrons for strikes). ATGM missiles with DU and fuel can be aligned vertically as Fermionic subcritical fuel rods in my opinion without much issues, neutrons will go through and the fuel replaces some of the water used. The same railgun can be used in plutogenization mode to retrieve the Pu that did not fission at impact. In Fermionic subcriticals, crematory or mash create an initial boost with the plutonium but it later clogs the apparatus. Exactly like keynesianism, initial boost, later clog.

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