An olive frame subcritical with cocaine and human ashes – the Halloween 2022 nuclear accident in Kozloduy NPP (Ines 5)

What happened in Kozloduy NPP is worth mentioning there. Although there is hopefully an investigation ongoing (Were Serbian victims of DU used for the crematory fuel ?), which might have been aborted by the assassination of a mayor in another Bulgarian city after the nuclear burst and plume drift. But it’s possibly the mayor that allowed in his city the crematory premises that eventually resulted in the nuclear accident.

The Kozloduy NPP implemented approximatively my olive frame subcritical article with an olive frame subcritical from Framatome, but decided later to “diversify” by using a dirty fuel, human ashes.

They got informations on “the use of cocaine through the top hole to replutogenize” – I had circulated among police forces findings on the cocaine use for rapid plutogenization, it’s possible the information went to the NPP and was experimentally used for human ashes in the context of all the supply from Ukraine.

The geophysical pendular wave triggered the accident on October 29th, with a progressive rise in criticity in the core leading ultimately to a massive burst, and a large brown plume rising from the nuclear powerplant. This nuclear plume drifted up to above my area in south-eastern France. I could observe among other things that a woman wearing a cowboy hat and a dog were among the victims. The owners later arranged fingerpointing to Russia by saying they “won’t buy anymore Russian fuel” while it’s obvious they simply picked the “dogovore” idea from Maria Zakharova’s speech, not understanding that in the context of the war in Ukraine it’s related to elimination of the fallout-carrying animals, since DU drifts near the soil, dogs are totally condemned to die in these heavy amounts used.

The combination of cocaine and human ashes with the above pour of cocaine and human ashes in the olive frame caused the emergence of antigravitons producing a catch of light evidenced from the outside, ensuring re-emergence of what happens inside the olive frame. It’s very obvious the dirty olive frame was in front of the first block after the second water entry, at bottom level.

In this picture the facility related to water entry for the olive frame is visible on the left, two systems are used, the right one certainly a smaller experimental version. The large tubes near the chimney are in my opinion related to a crematory system just under and export of its flying ashes in a siphon.

Excerpt of what I saw in the French Riviera from the nuclear leak from recapture of my videos :

First report of the nuclear accident in the media :

The chimney on the illustration shows the cocaine-mash plutogenization experiment in the plant thanks to the basic signalization.

Let’s remind later FSB findings of a small injector of human ashes for pipeline sabotage in South Stream (kind of a tube percer with the crematory plutonium injected for tiny criticities at chokepoint) indicating that Ukrainian militants are highly hopeful of keeping the exports of the product of their crimes to other countries where solar neutrons are more favourable to badly plutogenized products.

By the way here’s the result of using spinning nuclear systems with zyklon-C ashes… the Telegram post notes that Ukrainians recycled rockets from crematory ovens within (as they started to understand the weakness and military inefficiency of these weapons as well). It happened on November 17th, explaining the later attempt to force re-export to Bulgaria with mafiosi means.

What happens when your economy is fully zyklon-C : you get a -37,2% GDP growth. Direct application of my scientific paper on economic depression.

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