The StormBreaker, an initially exciting missile going totally wrong after the collective panzerfaustian pact against Russia

Observation of the StormBreaker missile from Raytheon show a devolution, from a good idea to a dangerous missile making it a cousin of the APKWS-II. An even more dangerous cousin perhaps (which is why it’s presented as “Raytheon’s most lethal missile”…).

The StormBreaker was clearly initially thought for hitting at “nazi” tanks, i.e. those with crematory oven / crematory reactors inside. This is still visible in an April 2020 video of it :

There was nevertheless only one video of its warhead explosion until last year.

And, with the current political choice of supporting Ukraine, where a Lenin statue has been repainted as Darth Vader and Volodymir Zelenskyi “servitor of the people” poses as “the dark side” (did you know ? “Nixonist” The National Interest warned already at the end of August 2021 of Ukraine’s particuliar bellicosity), the missile… has evolved into a false-flag weapon, having a tokamak-mash shaped charge warhead that allows it to create a brown plume wherever it strikes, so to argue a nazi tank (for instance) has been destroyed.

Live demonstration data recorded by the excellent Youtube channel Dark Tech shows that it’s actually tokamak mash being used in the warhead :

This missile, like the APKWS-II, relies on the low efficiency of crematory / tokamak plutogenization for having a SABR at the front that allows it to find the plutonium to be targeted with the electron beam guiding it, without being distracted by the warhead behind. It remains also a weapon of false flag against clean tanks and other clean targets, such as Russian tanks.

Above the warhead is made with natrosolmash.

There is a tiny window of use of this missile related to the possible distinction between the light brown colour of its tokamak ash warhead and darker crematory oven / crematory reactor targets but in my opinion it is unacceptable that use of this missile be recorded and shown to media or on social networks as proof of destruction of “stormist tanks”. Clean HEU, only, should be used for SABR missiles and the StormBreaker should either adopt clean HEU for its warhead or its production should end immediately and its use be limited to the targeting of jihadi groups.


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