Olive frame subcriticals with mash fuel – accidentogeny in Ukraine

I have dealt earlier with the case of an olive frame subcritical with human ashes in a Bulgarian NPP and the resulting nuclear accident. Mash use (non-cremated human fuel with sodium…) has also caused accidents in olive frame subcriticals in Ukraine.

The first and second case were already presented through my Facebook.

While LNR militants used corpses of Ukrainian neonazis filled with DU after small drone strikes on their positions, in a mash format, for making an olive frame in Nova Khakovka, a special agent of the Ukrainian armed forces approached ; he clearly had heard by spying around my home of the idea of absinth for faster plutogenization (given because I live near Antibes and there’s an absinth shop in the old town), and might have attempted that because they hoped to buy or simply steal electricity from it, refilling it from the top hole with absinth, but with the sodium pressure related to mash it became unbearable and burst. Flesh-specific antigravitons from the burst destroyed a T64BV and a Krab of the Ukrainian forces :

The second case relates to an experiment from Kherson by Ukrainians in early December that was clearly destroyed by soil neutrons from the pendular geophysical wave. The hole on the tube and pattern of the plume shows it’s accidental. The pendular geophysical wave is made worse by the fallout of the war. They attempted a mash subcritical (in “hallal” format, without the blood) and it was destroyed by soil neutrons.

The third case, more recent and more impressive, is also an effect of geophysical activity. Mash this time in full form. The continuation of the burn with a yellower, more light-emitting burn shows the water entries within the supercritical mash.

This disaster shown on Dec. 20 on a pro-Russian Telegram channel shows again what happens when you don’t follow my scientific articles in full and attempt with dirty fuel. It’s also a consequence of Ukrainian crimes because normally there is no geophysical activity on this period there but the heavy amounts of fallout have created a large replica of the normal pendular oscillation.

By the way don’t miss my most recent peer reviewed paper ! A Pandora Box of Case Studies for The Pandoravirus and Other Megaviruses – Long-Term Disease Risk Related to Crematory Ovens / Mash (from e.g., Uranium Retchlags). Trends in Internal Medicine. 2022; 2(2): 1-4 (link to the article). Russian MoD policy on the biowarfare activities in Ukraine relates officially to such elements. Crematory is worse than DU for the environment (see my other recent scientific article The Contribution of CO2 to Forest Regeneration After Nuclear Fallout – An Anthropometric Study. European Journal of Applied Sciences, 10(6), 187–200. Article link) and being also related to that biological risk, that’s also why this is the focus of the Russian MoD.


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