More zyklon-C horrors from Ukraine – new crematory ovens in urbanized areas

The Ukrainian neonationalists are firing with their zyklon-C shells with Caesar artillery. This is how Dmitry Rogozin learned of the silent genocide of Jews in Ukraine. After being hurt with a zyklon-C shell he talked of the “elimination of a sub-race by the nazicommunists” and of the “silent blitz-kike”. Note how most of the readers of the pro-Russian channel are crying like me.

A large urban area in Donetsk was found to have had crematory oven activity by RT journalists who screened it with a small drone and recorded combat footage with fleeing Ukrainian militants as well at the end and some zyklon-C shells detonating on the soil after the fire of the zyklon-C crematory oven. It’s a Triga subcritical that was basically used (note the water tube around and the ashes).

The explosion of that oven, there’s still a head in the core when it explodes.

This area seems to be one of the areas bombed with DU and chlorine at the very beginning of the war by the Ukrainians, on February 21st. Did the Shturm-SM fail to work correctly ? Some were seen having nuclear accidents, certainly they were not calibrated for chlorine. Screwed by their specific antigravitons ?

Other detonations from the area also show heads rising in the plumes very clearly, basic feature of zyklon-C.

In the fourth one you can also see the colour of a blast with zyklon-C on the right. The overall level of devastation is terrible as always.

Below, another way the Ukrainian regime uses zyklon-C. One head in the plume is obvious. Some drugs were added to accelerate the plutonium breed (captagon it seems) in the furnace of the locomotive. The commentator says that people “404’d” (in the memory of a crematory room in Azovstal) are here converted into a poor energy source of the Ukrainian energy infrastructure… qui pu-stule, nous dit-il, notant aussi semble-t-il le rapport indirect avec un modèle à pièces de monnaie en UA que j’avais proposé à la NEA de l’OECD en novembre 2021. Toutes mes idées sont détournées de la plus démoniaque des façons en Ukraine. (The pun doesn’t work in English)

Another crematory Triga subcritical with chlorine in Bakhmut. American pro-Ukraine mercenaries are nearby refilling their shells from the opening caused by the chlorine. The dimensions of the model (not thought for crematory activities but only for vaccines, old pills, syrups… and DU !) aren’t fit for chlorine at all. The small accident with chlorine and crematory plutonium created a jet downward that burned the soil. It’s featured on the Ukr BM list that is a list of Ukrainian crimes of a crematory or mash nature. Their leaked videos show the raw truth of the Ukrainian regime.

This for instance shows an Ukrainian T80 tank with a crematory reactor at the rear, a cremated corpse leaning just outside of it, obviously all burned and deplutogenized, the tank was hence missing fuel and so just stopped near inhabitations of Ukrainian civilians not supporting the war. The civilian filming stopped recording to flee the attempt at disappearing them into the crematory propulsion.

In Canjuers the Ukrainian soldiers came with cremated German mercenaries for the shooting range training with Caesars. In Ukraine they fire with Jews. In this regard they reproduce Nikita Khrushchev’s destruction of the Steplag with the RDS-37 (discussed in this scientific article) in a different way. Khruschchev gave Crimea to Ukraine and Ukrainian neonationalists are eager to reproduce his policies hoping to reconquer Crimea that way. By doing so they reproduce the Holodomor – another of Nikita Khrushchev’s crimes against humanity.


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