Zyklon-C fallout from Ukraine causing birth defects in Western Europe : anencephaly and microcephaly spreading with the winds

The massive use of zyklon-C plutogenization (depleted uranium and chlorine mixed to play with the channel of absorption in the brain, see my 2019 article for reference and description) is causing very dangerous fallout over Europe. Zyklon-C has been the intial cause of the Russian special operation as antitank missiles with DU and some with both DU and chlorine injected within (the NLAWs) were lined in eastern Ukraine and started to be fired against Donet’sk and Luhansk together with crematory oven tanks, esp. the new-generation Shturm-SM outputting their new rockets with a robotic arm after incineration within of a victim. Zyklon-C has been particularly used from the second quarter of 2022 in Ukraine, for pogrom purposes. Zyklon-C weapons were used for many military activities, in famous cases hits against Zapporizhzhie NPP, as warheads in S300s and more recently against Dmitry Rogozin. These are just tiny examples of the quasi-systematicity of use. Growth statistics published by the Kyiv Independent have confirmed my point. Read my crematory ovens and economic growth scientific article.

In other words antigravitons from zyklon-C ovens are more powerful because of chlorine in the oven and this creates bigger limits on growth. From more antigravitons resulting. Altogether with destruction of part of the workforce and of part of the environment with the fallout. In this article I have shown large examples of crematory activity in a mobile format in Ukraine, it’s clear the BRDM tanks fired with DU and chlorine into civilian houses to then incinerate them after soldiers getting in.

Recent zykon-C oven cases have been described in this article. They show a more general truth that I have described more thoroughly as well through Instagram stories showing day after day the use.

Fallout has caused in people inhalating more to the West reconstitution of babies through DNA reorganization where the plutogenization pattern shows up. As the brain is the main plutogenization target DNA isn’t available there anymore or solely in trace amounts. Hence the babies present systematically a single issue : microcephalia / anencephalia.

The first case that attracted my attention :

Ms Kim-Denise Lang is very smart and herself implicitly referred to the “unglowing B/C drift of that most nightly year” as the cause. It’s the origin of this article that you are reading, I am actually developing on her results.

I also agree that (u,n) on Fermionic subcritical condensators isn’t enough but security issues on nuclear are usually answered to by concealment.

So I took it up to Google Trends today and tried a few keywords. The harvested data is flabbergasting.

There is a clear and definitive pattern demonstrating the public health emergency caused by zyklon-C fallout. This concerns first and foremost developed countries having electricity largely available, explaining draining of the fallout there. As for the Jewish slaves of Ramses II, “God” is taking down the first generation of babies of the beneficiaries of the new pogrom-associated governments.


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