Terrorist retchlags in Spain – how false claims on DU dust from Las Bardenas (the Spanish Army has always been clean) led to a terrorist craziness with uranium mine corridors and crematory ovens

One French murderer who used to work for the Gendarmerie Nationale used the Garrot espagnol as killing signature because he was victim of DU from the Sauclières tunnel early in his life and decided to avenge. It’s sure he preferred to kill the women instead, creating a doubt in the precise targeting, although hypersexuality resulting from DU contamination can easily be argued.

The Spanish government of Pedro Sanchez has went awol but it’s partly an effect of their otherwise insufficient military capabilities versus the clean Combinated missile, that I would call “the real one”, and which China unfairly used against a monarchia real, while separatists inspired from the far left and far right as well were at work on the soil, doing small retchlags and crematory ovens, to support them. They achieved, back this Autumn, that the road traffic guard and civil control police be put under authority of their regions, so to better hide their retchlag activities. China already fired crematory versions of the Combinated missile against France (4 of them), Italy (1) and the UK (another 1) and an YJ-21 above the south of the USA in addition to the initial Kairos strike (they also fired another above New Zealand, where the level of O2 from CO2 production by fossil fuel use and photosynthesis was enough to allow self destruction of the missile in flight… they in a certain way take an ecological role). Let’s look at the areas :

First area of scrapping of surface soil with much higher than normal radioactivity, in a retchlag pattern
Crematory ovens of a style found first in Tajikistan in a document on Soviet retchlags ; in the margins of the Soviet Union plutogenization was done in this flying format with just a cube of concrete. Ablyazov used this system to steal business document from his partners and has been since then called Kazakhstan’s Hitler by the Kazakh government.
Some black ashes falling out to the West and a lake area where the sludge is pushed. See how cleaner it is above the ovens and below in the left versus the plume pattern.
Another larger view of the soil scrapping area with a retchlag pattern except for the West. They are competing with the normal military industries (blessed by Cistercian monks I think) making sunflower plutogenization.

There has been a child rape case in Torrevieja clearly linked to these practices. As in Ukraine where teenagers have been sent to the south-western retchlag where the small size of the entry holes is better fit for them and used by Azov regiments in particular to fight in BTR-4Es (as well as liquidated, especially those from maternities at the beginning around Mariupol), here they have been used by the far-left militants because they can crawl better. Children are certainly told they are cleaning “DU from Las Bardenas” to get them to work. But DU has never been used by the Spanish Army. The truth of the fact it’s old sands (vieja tierra…) resurfaced in the erection of the man who went further by raping a child there, in his refuge.

They play in an area with crop structure to send definitive messages in a totalitarian way. Here a figure raising a hand, with a peculiar nose, tells clearly that “Jews should not be asking questions”. There is a clear retchlag pattern with whitening, from picking of rocks, down under. It’s like “Even if an alien tells you to do it, don’t do it or…”.

There is a dig-in-the-fields open burning area used for corpse plutogenization.

I’m pointing it with my cursor and zooming on it below.
Zoom on the oven area and its fallout above, drifting slightly to the west. Intervalley antigraviton effect from mountains on the North pull the plumes in that direction.

Here’s a zoom on the 2PZD-21 impact area now :

There is a vertical effect in the middle that corresponds to it and Chinese military industries use systematically a dragoon as added fume signature, its fallout track is visible on the left of it. The missile itself is very clean, as its fallout effect shows, it’s clean plutonium reducing locally soil pollution. It came from the South. This is why I raised the case of Algeria here.

It’s clear the French government later signed a pact with the Spanish authorities to propose defensive support against this. Sanchez asked for the reiteration of the Paris Agreement because of close links with Hidalgo and under testosterone loss from shuriken effect spin at a lower latitude than usual the French authorities bowed down. Hensoldt’s new plane is also thought for saving Carlists of the north-west of Spain while bringing back retchlagswabs and using their reaction to positive push for screening of more areas. Indeed I first showed these elements to a few high ranking sources including NATO’s SHAPE back when I found all that at the end of November.

A crematory subcritical based somehow on the Triga subcritical feeds the reactor and is aimed at erasing the communist scum that made these retchlags.

Looking back again just before publishing my article at the satellite data I am finding more to worry about which is why I really think this plane is not sufficient. It’s developing, corridors are being dug.

It’s pioneering there. It’s a “zona de sandinismo” in truth but “val de matanza” (murder area) is a supplementary confirmation to the pun with “senderismo” and the uranium corridor extermination system.

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