The failure of the Iranian Revolution on depleted uranium – conversion of Iran into a crematory gas producer with corpses of victims and of rebels to the regime

There have been several signs showing that Iran has converted into a producer of crematory oil & gas (human flesh used in the oil and gas) these last months and the recent plume resulting from a drone strike confirmed everything to a chilling level. This article shows them and one element provides relevant proof on the fate of the body of Mahsa Amini.

The satellite observation data had shown an initial zyklonization area in south-western Iraq that presented patterns of Iranian intervention and a later explosion in an “oil plant” around Erbil also showed human patterns in the plume and a side release of captagon indicating that human bodies were being incinerated to increase oil levels. This is not all. After I posted on my Instagram, from the news website, details of the looks of a gas system carrying liquefied human corpses (fattening of the tubes is used to avoid biological leaks, and when a supplementary crime, the use of water vapor to transfer ashes of thin people overwise unyieldy, is committed, there are necessarily rust levels on the gear, because while fats clog the pipes’ holes fixing cross section issues and allowing clean transfer, the water vapor presses and unlocks the clogs creating streams of vapor around, carrying some crematory matter, causing rust with a biological component on the gear), a German citizen attempt to go spy in Iran on the facilities, where massive strikes of workers had already awakened suspicions about this pattern of worker discipline. He was arrested.

The patterns on had shown consistent use of crematory systems in a very acute level in Iran. Here is an example with its fallout, they used zyklon-C and captagon altogether.

That it’s a zyklon-chlorine-captagon industry is also confirmed by the pattern of fumes above the plant before the railgun strike :

Another facility was also destroyed and the fire recorded shows a woman’s body within the plume :

It is clear that Mahsa Amini’s body had been incinerated in it, this is not the very beginning of the fire, her remains in the depths of the crematory-mash system were clearly sublevated by the fire’s tremendous energy.

Another facility in the Eastern Azerbaidjan province of Iran also was shown to convert crematory ash into a form of liquid fuel by another strike. The black ash in the fumes and the orange colour of the fire are clear testimonies of that.

All three pictures above from the Daily Mail. The towers were painted to withstand a crematory accident but the intensity of the light of the fire shows that it’s radioactive and full of flesh. It’s kind of the same process as the one destroyed in Iraq near Erbil earlier, with clearly captagon injections later for the final preparation of the fuels. My clear feeling is that the strikes with intermediate-quality military devices were made possible by the fact that the regime had already reacted to the strong monitoring and stopped treating the products with captagon, resulting in lower plutogenization levels that allowed the devices to break the “reverse magnet effect” of the plants. Except the one where captagon was still used just before strike (the small whitish fuming plant at the beginning) where a HEU railgun had to be used.

The revolution started because of understanding that Shaheed drones were made with Balutch people victim of US drone strikes in Pakistan, in betrayal of a regime expected to collect proof of DU crimes instead of incinerating the proof. These new elements should alert us on the evolution into a full “Soylent Green” system more involved into nazi repression than into any ounce of change. It’s clear that the depressionary effects of national-socialism in Iran on the economy have resulted into a loss of geophysical pressure that causes weakening of oil & gas resources because they result from the fusion of ternary fission products, and magmatism is frequently related to the soil pressure of human activities ensuring more criticities in magmatic chambers (this is a key reason of why the USSR collapsed : the retchlags caused a large loss of population in the center and displaced it altogether with the uranium in missiles brought at the borders of the soviet republics, causing a massive pressure loss and emptying of the Samotlar (Samotlor) oil pockets). The Iranian regime is trying to compensate similar effects by using crematory systems of an advanced nature (where captagon is used to produce the explosive gas with dissolved human matter in) to directly fabricate alternative oil. This is why they have to be wholly boycotted and the missile strike policy has to continue until collapse of the regime.

Do you think it’s “the Raisi regime” or the Ayatollah’s ? Raisi’s Nazi salute at the beginning seems to have initiated the new period. But the inability of Ayatollah Khomeini to change things and the development of a rebel component marching near mosques shows that it’s the degenerescence of the post-1979 system that is the root of the problem since the institutions of crematory obviation have emerged to compensate the failures related to the insufficiency of the DU cleaning systems of the IRGC (it seems they don’t do Fermionic subcritical condensators, maybe because my article quotes Ludwig von Mises) and their military failures abroad at the same time, both in Yemen and in the direction of the West altogether with the compensation of the losses of oil & gas resources. Raisi’s resignation is unlikely to be enough for deep problems related to capitalism underdevelopment in context of full warfarism.


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