Excellent news from France – the dissolution of the IRSN into the ASN ! L’absorption de l’IRSN par l’ASN confirme l’excellence de la France dans le management de la pollution radioactive

Dear readers, chers lecteurs/lectrices,

I am very glad to announce that an excellent decision has been taken in France. The French government has decided to get the IRSN absorbed by the Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire. Cette décision confirme donc non seulement largement la sortie de la France des armes à uranium appauvri mais aussi la fin progressive des réacteurs critiques, qui a déjà permis le refroidissement progressif du territoire depuis deux ans.

I have opposed myself frequently to the IRSN on this website. It started very early, they were those opposing my findings on the Nice-Matin article – I recently proved how my results, which I was brought to doubt by some emails, were actually right, with the “triangle sandwich” production of tritium explaining the direct correlation with actinides and with their concentration in the atmosphere in this area of light magmatism that produces some hydrogen on soils. The Autorité de sûreté nucléaire had expressed, as opposed to the IRSN, interest for my work several times. They followed back on my emails early on and even went to Canjuers once to investigate, while DU was still used in the area.

I am extremely happy to see that technological factors and nuclear safety will prime in all future decisions, thanks to this measure. The IRSN trade unions are complaining but the IRSN never helped in ensuring a clean environment in France (although they are selling training services for the handling of nuclear monitoring systems…).

The demonstration of the rightness of the decision can be done through another way, opponents’ argumentation :

It’s clear that the former Criticality Safety Manager and the former DGA expert retired from the IRSN express that they are pro-depleted uranium weapons, whose use is a political decision, the decision to organize a social purge (to speak softly), to “storm” (as opposed to the confusion between the technical side and the decisiontaking, which is the result of the absorption of the IRSN by the ASN), requiring then criticality safety management in nuclear reactors where victims are handled. Indeed crematory / mash reactors are much more difficult to handle than PWRs. En d’autres termes, la présence d’un critère politique, auparavant, correspondait aux armes à uranium appauvri, armes politiques, armes de purge sociale (de nettoyage anticommuniste…), requérant ensuite un contrôle de la criticité spécifique dans les réacteurs nucléaires, car l’incinération des victimes crée un risque d’explosion supplémentaire. Cela se serait fait à Civaux dans les années 1980-1990, jusqu’en 2002 avec le tunnel de Sauclières.

Trade unions in the IRSN are also whinning. I think they tried to attack me yesterday with a zyklon-C burn around my home, in my neighborhood, to attempt to get me to say something in their favour through later vocal superposition with magnet pull and a kind of directed speaker after I inhalated some (the chlorine loss of memory used, with heavily contaminated brain ashes…). They are nasty trade unions, from a group that never helped and tries to defend ex-post its “contribution”. Je pense avoir été attaqué dans mon quartier hier avec un nuage de zyklon-C suivi d’une tentative de me faire parler en faveur de l’IRSN, avec des aimants et une sorte de porte-voix dirigé, en profitant de la petite contamination inhalée, qui affecte le cerveau (mélange de chlore et d’un cerveau incinéré transportant donc des émetteurs alpha facilitant fortement le dépôt métabolique dans le même lieu du corps de ce mélange d’émetteurs alpha et de chlore…) ; ce sont des syndicats hargneux et dangereux, qui n’ont intérêt qu’à polluer maintenant.


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