The EPA recognizes depleted uranium as radiation health hazard when inside the body – and other news

Besides the recent update in the French nuclear safety organization with absorption of the IRSN by the ASN, it’s very interesting to note that the EPA updated its factsheet on DU to recognize the radiation health hazard DU represents when inside the body.

It’s interesting to see how their indication of the production in the 1970s goes together with the use of DU in the last year of the Vietnam War. Ms Kamala Harris visited Vietnam knowingly. DU has been part of the discussions between the USA and Vietnam.

Kidney damage might have been included because my own peer-reviewed article on the topic leaves a room for limited contamination related to volcanism and soil NORMs. It’s also clear that nuclear research laboratories included fission products in large amounts and their beta- activity pull obviously frequently caused kidney damage to the researchers, and cooperation with China where there is a kidney market got them to not care for their own kidneys while caring for the public’s.


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