The Rome Treaty and the EU as neosismondist institution – its overall failure on DU

The speeches of Sismondi on colonialism in his 1836 books have been the basis of the adhesion of many people (including me for a time) to his ideals ; although the crematory oven tendency, have I found, nurtures its foundations in the anti-technologism of his ideals. The declarations of Sismondi against colonialist activities of the British, in particular, not only in Ireland but in other countries, that have been the basis of Hitler’s denounciations of French and English colonialism, of his anti-Western speeches, have been ressuscitated by the failed Suez Canal expedition of the English and of the French in October 1956. Their failure in front of powers precedes the signature of the Rome Treaty in March 1957. Nazis could be admitted again (by organizing a large customs unions in which they would be able to reconvert themselves to commercial activities, and progressively gain power perhaps because of their gassing activities and the use for motor propulsion). The attempt of the German Grundsgesetz at controlling these activities (in Art. 7 this “soll und eine öffentliche Volksschule dieser Art in der Gemeinde nicht besteht.” implicitly states that schools teaching the gassing art do not belong to the community of humans, and there are other protective clauses) could not really compete with other uses and with the feeling provided by the black stripe on top of the German flag. The partial transfer in Eastern Germany first after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and then in Ukraine under the UPA flag after the flag of the USSR, sowed seeds of the disaster.

The European Union could have found in the Anglo-French cooperation on Scalp / Storm Shadow missiles with DU ballasts, its reasonable new target to then condemn DU weapons in general, but the internal preference for gassing screwed that. The internal preference for gassing has been seen as a way to recycle the DU weapons and not care really about fingering the causes ; it has been seen as more compatible with the nuclear disarmament fight in which Nazis have always been at the forefront as attempt to try to seize control of the French Republic’s core institutions. The choice of the European Parliament to complain about Israeli spying instead of working seriously on DU weapons, while the French Republic was already dismantling its DU arsenal, proves that they could not act seriously without being able to finger the French Republic ; acting hence as political arm of the Belgian State, croaked into its sludge of dirt since it chose the Mahoux Law’s taboo on nuclear weapons (the ban of all radioactivity in weapons) that fosters crematory and gassing (gamma tunneling in crematory transfering the gammas outside the reach of geigers and absence of flash on weapons reassures that “it’s not nuclear”).

This is now confirmed by the European Parliament’s behaviour of getting rid of the crematory remains (of the gassing in S metolachlore and boiler use) in vitamin supplements (big black containers of “protein supplements”) sold to sports adepts. These practices show that the EU has become rogue, under influence of its “black hole” flag, and behaves by cloning the behaviour of actual black holes, this representing a kind of reemission of a lower level than the eruption (where the fireball is usually represented by crematory power cars, of brands such as VW and Peugeot, VW’s white Polos with a crematory pressure system under the rear seat being certainly the most important – though this system allows to sanction people thinking they are “Jesus”, it remains that this poses bacteriological issues and creates environmental sludge).

The black hole as ideology represents Death. No human can argue the natural behaviour of a black hole can be perfectly duplicated by human institutions and we simply don’t need black holes as a human institutions – they are formed of antigravitons, they behave mechanically, they are not part of the biological world of which humans are part. Even cybernetized humans, using the products of the most freshest health industry companies for instance, should be afraid of black holes, especially as the practice of “killing people with their Huawei” is likely to be used by the European Parliament to stay afloat under artificial oxygen, and I have noticed more and more antigravitons affecting other electronic systems around.

A parliamentary institution having also executive powers is the definition of Communism. It started during the French Revolution and was the basis of the Terror. Giving Parliaments executive powers has also been how the USSR imposed itself legislatively in occupied countries in 1945. The European Parliament’s gassing powers require putting it in the same category. It’s blue, with yellow stars, but it’s Communism. Although the stars on the flag ask the question of the celebration of the gassing of those filed by Vichy into zyklon-B. But on that regard, it’s true that there are elements proving that the targets were selected on the basis of their commercial activities involving gas chambers and crematory power use. Crematory antigravitons pulling the body, nose and lips especially forward, when they are around them, and the co-contamination with crematory ashes producing the brown skin. These “Jews” weren’t. They weren’t Jews, already, in my opinion, those wearing black caftans denounced by Adolf Hitler in his book. Actually looking at Israeli data on the Viennese Jewry suggests a Bosnian profile mixed with Turkish roots.

Foreigners, colonialists from outside the area, getting themselves in the trade only so long as they can use it to drill their own hole at the expense of others.

The current European Parliament cannot be seen as fit to ban crematory and mash antigravitons-producing machines. This interdiction is to develop two of the Four Freedoms : the freedom of movement, that crematory and mash antigravitons hinder strongly, and the freedom of delivery of services, especially during and after nuclear fallout (with interference to human activities and to telecommunication wires of the fallout, even for buried cables when the alpha emitters descend into the soil, with Bose-Einstein condensation around), and obviously, with the cremation of users carrying phones with DU or other alpha emitters within, direct disruption of telecommunication machines. It’s a clear forward signal for economic growth. After my initial proposal the Czech presidency just proposed to “ban emissions”, as opposed to photosynthesis needs of plants and of the agricultural benefits of that photosynthesis. The Swedish presidency likewise can be looked at with strong doubts, since its opening was accompanied with the inauguration of a mine of rare earths, which are usually used for crematory systems (which is why it’s a specialty in China). The Europium element actually can be used for crematory (its profile tells me it’s appropriate to kill roms). But this brings long-term economic depression as well because of the continuation of the machinery after the work in particular. It’s dangerous. It’s also important to remind that DNA inhalated from the sludge means progressive reincarnation of the victims – or later through eating fish having eaten that DNA. It simply doesn’t work.

Let’s also remind that this chip published in Nature, in parallel mode, allows missiles to seek-and-destroy crematory and mash systems, its covering goes to zyklon-B from sodium-mash, all will be detected. Which is why I recommend only as weapon, in the water motor with an accelerator, and with obese people only, in that rocket use only. These weapons indeed also allow to seek machines with a crematory or mash propulsion and aim at them quite naturally by seizing the crematory antigravitons. Good truffles (tuber melanosporum) are in my opinion the result of the crematory / mash elimination of crematists (with a larger profile for the best ones resulting from sodium-mash elimination), explained by the compression of the crematory ashes inhalated by the first subject through its work and its later elimination into such a core. I have never eaten anything of this kind except a few frozen pasta-with-truffle-shards, and never felt any attraction for this product. In my opinion it transfers you the genes of bad people. You simply pay a lot (25 000€ for costly truffles) for your own death.

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