French Armed Forces depolluting DU from Africa and Ukraine ! Impressive work with visible results

Very good news from Africa with the progressive depollution of the DU dust from northern Mali and Libya, as well as in western Ukraine. First with Griffons on the soil in straffing rounds (Griffons have a Fermionic condensator which they use for propulsion, they can activate for instance a breed ratio of 40% that means they advance at 60% of their normal speed and use 40% of their energy for DU capture) and then with frigates carrying heavy Fermionic condensators rising to Am241, that capture hence a lot of DU dust. Below the first round of DU cleaning with two Griffons from southern Morocco.

Then it develops with stronger cleaning forces from the land (not shown) and from the seas with frigates. Above Libya and west of Africa.

In the second case a shot of Jaguar (with its nuclear core, not anymore crematory since rosé wine with s metolachlore, sulfur and DU is used instead, that’s the shot you see above) is used for cloud take-off at long distance before more antigraviton pull at a long distance with frigates carrying a Fermionic condensator each.


And again today, from the sea with two frigates and a corvette near Greece and in western Ukraine with AMX-10 RCs with French pilots at work.

The frigates and the corvette are near Greece. The AMX 10 RCs are in groups at work in western Ukraine, 8 of them in total at work. You can see the trident shape resulting.

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