Gas chambers and mash-making in buildings found in Bakhmut by Russian forces

During the battle of Bakhmut, proof had already emerged of the particular intensity of crematory activities there. It seemed that the “Art des mauviettes” signification of its earlier name had encroached very much. This case in particular was shocking. Erasure of a baby with birth defect in a boiling water crematory reactor from the system provided by the European Parliament was clear. Fostering actually more war rape since the idea of these babies full of alpha emitters re-used for weapon warheads encourages more use of depleted uranium altogether with war rape. Women not accepting also eliminated within. Early NLAW missile data showed by the way the Communist nature of this missile, associated with fist-raising in the pure way of Communists, during Saab trainings.

The data from Bakhmut has showed many other crematory areas in the very center of its liberation after its recent liberation by Russian forces.

Another strike by Russian forces has also shown later how near the city were still stockpiled NLAWs :

Glyphosate strikes are helping Russian forces in seizing the dirty ATGMs of the enemy. Glyphosate plutogenization of DU wood allows to strike in forests powerfully without damaging the trees (it actually emits CO2 and nitrogen, so strikes feed the trees and glyphosate allows to compensate those starving trees. For instance crematory processes reduce the number of breathing individuals. This creates a CO2 starvation for trees, which is why glyphosate bombs allow to scoop back the areas where crematory weapons (typically) are stored to destroy them and hit their owners altogether).

A word of reminder from a well-known think-tank at the end of August 2021…


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