BLM, Antifa and the secret Brunswick nuclear accident, where traumatic brain injury makes its contribution to the general level of aggressivity and impulsivity feeding riot behaviour

The stream of alpha-emitting nanoparticulates from the fallout of the Brunswick nuclear accident that has secretly been ongoing in the East Coast of the USA since September 2018 (the most intense period for the fallout ranging from Sept. to Dec. 2018) has had several epidemiological consequences that were evidenced among other things through Google Trends. Among the consequences, certainly, as well, some immune weakening leading to a faster spreading of Covid19 as well as a general increase in disease rate (all communicable diseases included) – immune deficiency resulting from internal contamination being a fact I already established in From an Einstein Syndrome to the People, chapter on alpha-emitting nanoparticulates.

NEVERTHELESS the USA being a strong capitalist society, with widespread use of medical cannabis, the long-term effects will certainly be relatively mild. Yet there is a clear syndrome, to me, that is not “medical” in itself but certainly related in a good part (not 100% but maybe 50%) where the nuclear fallout contributes : antifa brutality and the riot behaviour of the BLM movement. Not because of a political fight as concerns the nuclear accident (that it not part of the open reasons, slogans etc., it’s not well-known) but for neurological reasons. In my scientific article on traumatic brain injury (American Journal of Medical Case Reports), I have underlined among other things clear confirmation of the neurological impacts of internal contamination with alpha-emitting nanoparticulates & hence of their behavioural effects ; the alpha decay can disrupt neuronal signalling, hormone fluxes, can also directly impact hormone production (endocrine disrupting effects also underlined in my letter to the Porto Biomedical Journal on salt & neurological disorders in Nov. 2019, and in From an Einstein Syndrome to the People), through these levers and others, it causes various changes in the neuronal state that can among other things lead to sudden peaks of aggressivity & impulsivity. Drinking coffee (with its negative charge) is a simple protection as it helps the evacuation of these nanoparticulates (of positive charge due to the nature of alpha decay) out of the brain, draining them down to evacuation through faeces, miction & ejaculation ; the natural benefits of coffee every morning come actually from that, because as we lay down in the bed, some alpha-emitting nanoparticulates from even all the low sources of natural & artificial contamination we meet every day drift back in the brain during sleep (since the barrier of gravity is no more), coffee wakes us up because of that. Precisely.

But, coffee is associated with the history of slavery and Black people certainly have psychological issues with coffee drinking because of that (“Research shows that African-Americans are less likely than other ethnic groups in the United States to select coffee as a beverage of choice.” Daily Coffee News 2018 – the state of George Floyd before his assassination, for instance, is the typical state of a man not drinking coffee, suffering from TBI due to strong internal contamination with alpha-emitting nanoparticulates and compensating for the pain with fentanyl); so they are more likely to accumulate internal contamination in their brain because of that ; it’s also true that keeping the contamination in the brain can create, in some configurations, an “inflated state” due to the inflammation from the decay, that is perhaps another incentive as antifa typically pose as intellectuals and may want to, actually, look like they have a big head. Lastly, coffee is associated, usually, with work… unemployment can be a very simple entry point for neurological issues.

Beyond Minneapolis, where there clearly was a very particular situation, the conjugation of the BLM & Antifa into a tremendous rioting process all across the USA has certainly “benefited” quite a lot from a weakened neurological state of many Americans, spilling from the awful, secret nuclear accident.

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