Depleted uranium, the weapon of losers

Efficient warfare, respect of the environment, respect of human rights & dignity come together. Non-DU-spiked weapons (the sole AT head, small nuclear ammo) are light, they can travel fast, hit hard. Israel for instance does not use depleted uranium, Azerbaijan recently won against Armenia because the Azerbaijani army does not use DU unlike Armenia that used DU-spiked ammunition following the Russian model (itself a simple reply to the USA, UK & France).

Western powers have turned the Middle East into a quagmire in which they burned energy, public money, lives of their own soldiers on the name of the fight against Islamic terrorism but feeding it in fact due to the horror of the diseases they have spread with the DU used in all their missiles, bombs etc. 20 years have been lost because of DU. My conviction is that many in the Armies, Navies, Air Forces of the West, like me, see this, see how Afghanistan has been made impossible to control, how Shia militias are thriving in Iraq, how now Iran is directly feeding its plutonium production process by magnet-collecting the DU in Iraq… Through my studies (at Sciences Po Lille and the College of Europe) I spent time studying collective security, read some strategists like Raymond Aron, Pierre Hassner…

The silence on depleted uranium is associated with a permanent campaign to make noise on CHEMICAL weapons, with in the past many cases where facts were blurred and manipulated deliberately to build chemical scapegoats (the April 2018 “chemical attacks” in Syria and the Skripal case (where the actual poison was fentanyl) being the last cases in a long series) allowing for more silence as regards depleted uranium weapons.

Maybe, sometimes, some of the people that have been responsible for these lies, for the feeding of this bubble, question themselves. This headline of the Modern Warfare Institute is pretty shocking :

Why the hell do you need a theory of victory ?

Because you are LOSING. You are LOSING YOUR WAR.

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