Crematory ovens in Iran

I already asked myself a question after looking at a facility in far eastern Iran with the profile of a crematory oven.

This is now confirmed with, unfortunately, my “plutonium bicycle” concept gone wrong. Criminally wrong.

Fortunately (as I said earlier here and also on my blog) it does produce a low quality plutonium with humans (or animals) as moderator. (Retchlag technology “bettered” somehow the efficiency through the selection of the U-loaded flesh, but still below the standard neutron transporters used in plutogenization).

One such motorbike was hence caught by protesters in Ispahan. Bodies still resurface in the fire. After the gassing with DU, they were clutched in the box in which they served for Pu239 production. (The policeman driving it obviously fled as he was intercepted thanks to the low power of such resulting plutonium mix !)

Let’s also say that one such question is related to Baluch peoples victims of DU from the drone strikes of the Obama era. A number of them were forcibly disappeared by the Iranian regime these last months. It’s indeed not the same ethnic group. Possibly it is these peoples, possibly others.

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