Yes – Crusades – that’s the word – New Testament is the core cancer behind DU

Crusades, obviously… I’ve raised the way the Chinese Communist Party is linked with core people involved in the DU horror. But I would like to underline how reading the New Testament comforts those Trinitarian generals of the West. Jesus kills a tree and firmly claims legitimacy of his action, in the Bible. DU… devastation of nature together with humans. French magazine Le Point recently allowed at least the question to be raised implicitly, on nature and Christianity in general (not discussing directly DU though) & I would like to remind how DU is the overarching piece that leads to the general issue of environmental poisoning, the secrecy on alpha-emitting nanoparticulates, one can read my peer-reviewed papers for a start – all organic matters reacts in similar ways, I’ve shown on forests around areas of DU use the disaster… e.g. Canjuers, Sauclières.

The egotism of the parable in the scripture is unbelievable : Jesus finds a fig tree without fruits and kills it because the tree doesn’t give what he wants to him !

I’d like to compare it to elements in the Ancient Testament where common sense is still obvious, in 2. Chronicles 26.14, where Ozias makes very powerful weapons, that allow his victory, but then his heart becomes evil, narcissistic, unfaithful against the Eternal, and he is eventually plagued with leprosy until his death. The Ancient Testament doesn’t condemn the weapons, it condemns the fact that after this increase in power and military successes Ozias forgot the rules. Simply. It’s his entry into narcissism that matters to the Eternal and that’s why he is plagued with leprosy, as just return ! ❤

His leprosy end is a normal case of natural justice, as I have developed in my International Journal of Physics 7-4-4. The extract where Jesus kills a tree is the opposite of natural justice, it’s sheer hubris. Disgusting.

Likewise, Christian anti-communism leads nowhere. Christians who seem motivated by the fight against Communism solely to legitimate their scripture – I read frequently, these times, anti-communist websites of the neoconservative right and recommend indeed to read it a bit but it frequently feels that the neoconservative right is mostly eager to fight Communism as a way to defend Christianity (and you don’t feel any desire in them to talk of uranium issues, except nuclear accidents in the Soviet Union & in Russia, that’s it !) ; there also is a strategic plot in which it is expected the collapse of Communist China will happen by relying upon series of martyrs i.e. random Chinese people instructed by Christian priests that would let themselves crucify (not necessarily on a cross, but I mean that’s the meaning) by the Chinese communist police, the advertisement of these events allowing in that theory to cripple the regime (the same people dance in circles by repeating themselves “it’s J-P II who killed the Soviet Union”, no, it’s not and actually when I look at all the red stars on the caps of Russian Army generals… I wonder if the Soviet Union really ever disappeared)…

Instead of the New Testament, read Violence and the Sacred by René Girard. And take care nevertheless with the Ancient Testament which remains a text built around a culture where animal products are the center of nutrition and where women do not have the same status as men. It has, so, to be taken with pinches but I nevertheless find it frequently interesting.


  1. The only cure is more capitalism – less government. Governmental intervention leads to the entry of ideologies (at all levels: even when it’s not the main decisionmaker, the civil servants below are other entry points) and pervades the decisionmaking process to the depends of efficiency. Private companies don’t.

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