Verifying data on depleted uranium dust and crematory oven activity – proof with satellite observation

I am looking at data from and have noticed that the DUEx option actually is for depleted uranium with its airborne component (so, DU expelled from the soils by geophysical activity and solar radiation…) essentially visible thanks to it. The position of the sun has to be taken into account to understand flow evolution, with the UV effect on these “shuriken” atoms.

It should be noted that as DU creates a cloud cover through its alpha decay, reducing the expelling effect, this map ain’t representative of all the DU but still very interesting.

The observed data here confirms recent elements shown earlier on my Instagram and in this article.

Crematory oven fallout can actually be observed, with the particulate matter data.

There is a zyklon-C replutogenization facility in northwestern Italy whose antigravitons have actually guided me to go back to the Haute-Tinée recently, Ms Giorgia Meloni said “solo piu (…) bassi” a few days ago and you can see how in Northern Syria there is an active point, four chimneys and a gas chamber of a crematory facility that was initially set in reply to crematory oven strikes of the IDF (for night strikes) at the end of the term of Mr Naftali Bennett (which is why he lost the elections…). In Europe the hottest point is nevertheless not in Italy but in Poland…

This private company located near the former camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau is clearly replutogenizing crematory oven ashes imported from Ukraine…

The Lugar Center in Georgia, and south-eastern Kazakhstan are also hot points, together with central Iraq. By looking at Iraq actually I have found an area where it’s written in Arabic that it’s a zyklon-C area :

Besides that, and outside of very recent movement observed in the TurboAtom plant in Kharkiv showing some gas chamber / crematory oven activity (a recent Ukrainian strike showed nevertheless correct targeting in a very high artificial radioactivity area, in very good application of my recent scientific publication), Western Canada (the area where Harry and Meghan took refuge) shows a very depressing activity nevertheless related to an earlier experiment that demonstrated that Russia’s BN800 did not use mash but clean plutonium (with a copy of it with mash producing large whirlwinds all around), they are now replutogenizing in a non-closed way to tamper the viral risk. The situation in India is clearly explained by the traditional crematory practices in a large part. China, at the end, remains a flabbergasting statement of how communism is a tremendous pollution factor.


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