On the nuclear Khmelnitsky pogroms in Ukraine – the precise selection programme was homophobic only and with a purpose, against crematory weapons actually

In the nuclear Khmelnitsky pogroms case, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, Duropean… sorry European Parliament president Roberta Metsola, and the German MFA Annalena Baerbock explain that 100% were done on a purely homophobic basis with new military recruits, their pre-DU gassing (all the SMAW-D weapons) with S-metolachlore for sex with women (I have been shown the amounts – it’s somehow handicapping and brainwashing but excretable) after they were invited to have a chat with women at a dinner after recruitment. Those taking Viagra again for sex were eliminated in boiling crematory systems offered by MEPs.

In my opinion this is entirely true because they share a common programme which is on clitoris rights, as opposed to the failure represented by homosexuals.

It’s certainly the only source of the nuclear Khmelnitsky pogroms of the first months of the war. Oleh Rezhnikov’s Japanese origins and the courtisanship system in Japanese bars where men are always asked more by the courtisaning women (systematized system for selling drinks) that in principle never have sex with them is clearly the main inspiration, as way to create dependence and build national unity. (He did read the term paper that I wrote for a course by Prof Lauri Paltemaa at Univ Turku dealing with that Japanese system according to very reliable sources including himself…) It’s very clear that they altogether organized the system very carefully everywhere.

It’s true that the Armed Forces attempt to reorganize the lives of young men in this system (after they catch them wandering alone under the sun) but they also build up potential future families under their sign and create a kind of responsibility of the soldier expected to care for his life because he will only later meet back his sweetie after months of fights (or a week before December 2021). The S-metolachlore is used for a partial brainwash but used to attempt to organize a love relation.

Dead wood corresponds to men not having a boner in this meaning. This causes a side effect with the less intense sexual pleasure of circumcised men. Which are because of that more loaded in alpha emitters usually, hence more crematable / mashable.

The health effects of cannabis were heard of in Ukraine since 1987 in the Gosplan (the man who presented the big white fungii after the Kalinovka 2017 nuclear blast published his PhD on that in the Ukrainian SRR in 1985) and after the arguments made on homosexuality and the endocrine system (J. Balthazart, Sex Differences Suggest Homosexuality Is an Endocrine Phenomenon’, The Biology of Homosexuality, 2012, see also here more explanations linking clearly homosexuality to alpha emitters in internal contamination and through the skin) and I know that since December 2020 Ms Ursula von der Leyen counted on cannabis to heal homosexuality. There should be no doubts on cannabis oil and regeneration of the prepuce.

In this image provided by Life.ru one can see that she considered the crematory tip as very deficient… the sublieutenant on the right seems to count on the extended propulsion to compensate at the impact and looks elsewhere embarrassed while the other tries to find a justification.

It’s clear that Ukraine has improved significantly since then. While the pogroms created a first period of obscurity, it’s clear that most pogromed soldiers were taller than 1 meter 90 and could be expected to have used crematory shots as source of male boner, with the specific antigravitons, not only during rise in the gun but also at impact far away. They reach more to the size of the artillery gun. Russian strikes on crematory propulsion and crematory shooting systems helped a lot and their replacement by clean ammunition as well very significantly but there are strong signs that the ‘nuclear Khmelnitsky pogroms” helped as well somehow.

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