More depleted uranium antitank missiles given to Ukraine

After the Javelin missiles, this time it’s the British government that is donating NLAW ATGMs to Ukraine.

Said to be “defensive”, the missiles weigh 12,5 kgs each and have a range of no more than 1 kilometer. These features prove that these missiles (made by Bofors) include a lot of depleted uranium. They explode above the tank to spray it with DU together with the surroundings.

Update : more than 8 shipments. “Thousands” of NLAWs promised. Thousands of kilograms of depleted uranium…

These weapons are environmentally criminal, against all laws of war and when used in areas where civilians live using them becomes a crime against humanity.

The presence of an increasing amount of depleted uranium weapons in the area also reinforces the legitimacy of the Russian presence in Belarus. After what happened in Serbia during the 1990s they cannot risk to have other Slavic brothers bombed with depleted uranium.

I think that the Ukrainians chose DU weapons after this Coffee or Die / Sandboxx piece published three days after the article where I explained how in the USSR people were “silo’ed” in missile bodies after forced work in uranium tunnel mines before killing with a chemical and plutogenization. I published that article on the 23rd of October. Then,

It looks like “it happened again in the Donbass” with that very proeminent tube and the burned debris. In a way very incongruous with the fact that this happened in the USSR near tunnel uranium mines… it’s quite absurd because a nuclear plutogenization process doesn’t necessarily radiate heat in a way that would burn stuff around, and that tube is way too long, it mostly seems like a set-up based on my article by the Ukrainians and the journalists to catch the eye. As I talked of burned soils in the same article but regarding gulags that were obliterated with thermonuclear bombs in the 1950s. It’s the most simple explanation. But also very certainly was it believed and is the reason why Ukrainians now want to “gas” the Russians with DU weapons.

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