Ukrainian cluster depleted uranium missiles (Tochka-U) and other cases of DU warfare against Russia

The images of a Tochka U missile strike against the Donbass speak for themselves. The black plume and light disruption from the photon break effect of depleted uranium altogether with the black residues are the effect of a depleted uranium warhead in cluster form (pellets). The missile was intercepted in its final phase of descent but fragments hit a large area, fully civilian.

Size of the DU pellets
Note the mist in the background from remains of the strike
Light disruption also visible here

Another piece of the missile.

Condensation from depleted uranium still in it attracting negatively charged materials evident.

Another group of victims from the shuriken effect. Photon disturbance visible at the front.

Let’s not cover all the uses of depleted uranium by Ukrainian regime units against Russian tanks. I did not record systematically but here are examples :

Another case in the Donbass – recent – another Tochka-U likely
A Tigr-M, Russian magnet-cleaning unit destroyed by Ukrainian forces, several others were also destroyed
“Destroying a bridge with the shuriken effect”
Another Tigr M destroyed as it carried magnetcleaned depleted uranium

Another Ukrainian regime depleted uranium Tochka-U this time fortunately intercepted. The massive filling with DU is obvious.

Condensates so much mist on its entire length… note also the spilling black dirt

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