Leonid Kuchma, Anna Politkovskaya, Volodymir Zelenskyi and Iraq – the game you’re missing

Leonid Kuchma is a well known planner of the murder of journalists, who has been charged for the Gongadze case, but is clearly responsible for more. A lawyer called Tamara Kuchma defended the man who recognized having tailed Anna Politkovskaya and provided the weapon for her killing.

It is clear that a free journalist was a threat for the neosovietic Kuchma who had among illdoings a weapons deal with Saddam Hussein in October 2002.

It is clear in my opinion that this deal included the crematory oven tanks 2S1 used much later for the repression of insurgents in Baghdad.

Summer 2022. The crematory component is at the front. These tanks are particularly cruel in the context of the depleted uranium massively used in Iraq and whose effects are for instance still visible in the background

Volodymir Zelenskyi appointed Kuchma as Ukraine’s representative for the Tripartite Group in Minsk.

It is clear that Kuchma is the godfather of crematory technology for tanks and aviation among other things and that this is why he has been appointed for negotiations in Minsk. Indeed the silence on this technology is a shared interest of Ukraine and Belarus. I have shown how they have been massively used in Ukraine, during the conflict, in Bucha, Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Khmelnitskyi for instance, for more recent crematory oven examples see this key article, and there are more examples…

In Lviv :

In Bakhmut. Found by Wagner units.
Ukrainian BTR 70 had a criticity, ashes of the last victim found under. Here guarded by a Russian soldier.
This Kozak-2 as well has the ability to gas-compress for plutogenization

A Bushmaster (not represented) has also been found with a gassed victim inside, blackened screen (no fats…). And another Ukrainian gassing tank stopped by a Russian strike :

Here is the state of the air flow of DU in Ukraine a bit more than a week ago. More magnet cleaning in the West of Ukraine and more gas chamber tanks, genocide of Jews, and Magyarophones in the South :

Re. Belarus, don’t miss the recent crematory nuclear accident, in a case with sodium replutogenization of crematory ashes after use of tanks for gassing – see here and for more on the fallout here.


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