The Khmelnitskyi cover-up confirms the genocide from the NPP organized in Ukraine by the regime

The RFERL scoop on the destruction of files in Khmelnitskyi by Ukraine’s State Investigation Bureau is extremely interesting.

Khmelnitskyi may be where the genocide started. The NPP personnel received between Nov. 10 and 12th, 2021, three emails from me where, while reminding of the loss of nuclear yield with humans in a core, I argued for the wood contaminated from Chernobyl could be put in subcritical cores based on the Triga subcritical to cater for energy cuts from Russia during winter. The expression “wood” in Nazi slang corresponds to corpses after gassing and it is ex post clear that by Nazis I was read, and not by normal people.

(The price comes from personal estimates)

The main issue is that the reminder that putting humans in the plutogenization was done on November 12th. The work started in Khmelnitskyi earlier.

I had come to Khmelnitskyi NPP staff very optimistically because I knew they were in contract with a US firm and thought they were very modern (advanced i.e. respectful of human rights) and did not need a lecture on human corpses within a reactor, first. It is only later that I culpabilized and decided to do it as well.

Don’t miss my other articles on crematory ovens and reactors in Ukraine, see for instance here, here and here. Ukrainian-side videomakers frequently provide videos that show a black plume coming out of a Russian-side facility but without the entire footage of the missile strike it is impossible to say whether they indeed destroyed a DNR / LNR crematory oven (for instance) or whether it is their missile that carried a zyklon ash warhead (see here for an example made in the US that echoes the Fat Man bomb’s inner zyklon ash layer from Nazi WW2 stocks seized during Operation Overcast and thrown in the bomb, under recommendation of the Paperclip-hired scientists).

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