On the Ukrainian neonationalism and its weapons industry

It’s first important to understand how the Orange Revolution in 2014 may be entirely a revolution pro-Agent Orange. By people knowing it was depleted uranium, actually, and willing to hide that, because they ALL thought that the Russian Federation was a communist country and thought that depleted uranium weapons along perhaps with crematory ovens was how to deal with them. The збіднений уран that is the local translation of depleted uranium produces into language a д… у… when accentuating on what sounds heavy in the expression, and the phenomenon is even more obvious for the French concordance Uranium Appauvri / UkraïnA. (Since Franks came from the area of Ivano-Frankivsk, an origin point later replicated by the wedding between Anne of Kyiev and Capet…)

So there is a direct homomorphy between the Ukrainian nationalist tendency and assimilation to depleted uranium weapons. Regenerated during the 2014 events. For purposes of later military operations against the East, towards Moscow. Altogether with the extreme benefits, for racialists, of the generated deformities allowing to then denounce as racially inferior the victims (if the issue of the dangers of depleted uranium for health, and their use in the weapons used, is successfully killed).

This has to be brought together with a second issue, the Ukrainian flag symbol, that resembles in a certain way a virtual insect with long wings. It is a very abstract symbol fitting for a very Platonician country, i.e. the world of ideas, where the Dream is the name of the national plane… certainly flying with an accelerator-powered system based on the 1990 paper on the neutron source with alpha particles and a photon beam, and retchlagmash inside, fuel from the uranium extermination mine system, in the Soviet times, which actually the Zelenskyi regime ressuscitated in Kherson. (How did the Mriya got black like that after its fire, now you know)

The Ukrainian flag’s virtual insect can be related to the virtual defense of insects by the organic food industry, the “bio” food in French… opposed to the actually-born bees of the regime, material inherited from the Soviet Union, year 1989 on the product :

This is actually napalm bomb in cluster fragmented with contact trigger of the explosion, “your children running in flames after they play in the countryside because they walked on it”, same colour as the fields of the summer…

The ceremony of bee-eating, in restaurants in Kyiev, is obviously about the ceremonial celebration of a regime that makes weapons like that. The killing of the insect to make its substitute. That represents the national flag of the regime.

Russia is trying to protect the world from depleted uranium, plutonium, transuranics (in the case of the Stugna P missiles made with the Chernobyl magma…) scattered around by the Ukrainian armed forces, in the fields, especially as Russian magnets for cleaning have been consistently targeted by the Ukrainians. Foreign countries are encouraging the exports of agricultural products, from Ukraine, that are likely to be contaminated by these actinides, altogether with crematory ash remains, so calcinated human (and animal, for that matter) flesh…

(These exports could be possible altogether with serious magnet cleaning & centrifugation for gravitational milling, of the wheat, along with washing to separate the human ash remains, I do not know which products could do that and find that somehow dubious, even though this COULD allow later some kind of ceremony to give back the human ashes to the sea, for instance. I find this is important. With that process it is a good idea (provided the local trade is not deprived, first), but it is important to understand the conservative protective action of the Russian government.)

Have you heard George W. Bush’s recent lapsus on his OWN brutal and unjustified invasion of Iraq, which he compared to Vladimir Putin’s ? It’s a fact that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and Ukraine are entirely comparable. It’s the same type of regimes. And both are comparable also to Belarus.

My opinion is that in the West of “Ukraine” there is a Ruthenia, a land dominated by Catholicism and with a strong Jewish history, that should be a Monarchy. It could get into the European Union as new member. Soviet-inherited institutions, such as the state of Ukraine and the state of Belarus, have to be dismantled, and replaced by stable ones, based on the historical legitimacy of the land. The Paladinate of Lviv-Ruthvenia could be another way to design a confederal State on that area. The East is historically Kievan Rus’. It could logically become a region of the Russian Federation. Kiev being mostly a truly Orthodox city, it’s not at all compatible with a Lviv-Ruthvenia Paladinate, or Ruthenia, dominated by the Catholics and Israelites. Political entities have to be fit with religion and ethnic group. The precise matching is essential to establish functional States. Altogether with as much as possible compensation of the mixing, destruction, of ancient ethnic groups by the Soviet Union (but not as much as repatriation to reconstitute – I do not think this is viable and judicious), as opposed to those who try to make nation-States by eliminating the minority ethnic groups that do not fit the process. E.g. the current Ukrainian regime and its destruction of Russophones in the East. And of Jews in the West. To make two fitting wings. Through crematory ovens and crematory reactors to make warheads, the wings of politics. By the way Ukrainian armed forces recently occupied several hospitals in Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, Odessa, with heavy artillery pieces, they obviously are using Triga subcriticals with the oncology department patients and tuberculosis department patients as well to make bombs from flesh. It already happened several times.

One may also understand how a country largely built upon the preexistence of the Ukrainian Partisans Army i.e. the group of werewolfs, neonazis that organized after WW2 to fight the Soviet Union in that area, is directly related through its symbol of the virtual protection of insects, actual militarization (sismondism), to the organic food industry’s relation with the Third Reich through the pattern that crematory ovens “are ecological because they would allow regrowth of nature through human ashes scattering which would fertilize” (it’s wrong). Certainly human corpses attract insects, but not anymore after they have been nuclearly cremated. And which insects.

The Sismondist lie of the ecological practice, hiding ethnic cleansing, was fully at work in Ukraine until the Russian Federation started its military intervention. There are more elements that confirm the link between the organic food – “bio” industry, and beliefs related to crematory ovens as an ecological practice (with the true beliefs, and the ultracriminal satire of the destruction of ethnic groups as ecology, walking hand in hand). Ukraine had a large programme of biowarfare laboratories, dismantled by the Russian Armed forces later, biowarfare being an obvious symbol of the Ukrainian militaristicosynergistic beliefs. From Anthrax to Ebola, Malaria and Legionellose, golden staph, Yersinia Pestis, cholera and Avian Flu, which has scattered in many areas since then, and many other biological agents, demultiplicated in experiments with retchlagmash contact in small ovens… there is a picture of such an oven for biowarfare here. 8 such ovens were brought and installed. Scientists using biodata of the victims to attempt to create ethnic weapons. I know that the use of dog corpses to poison the Druzhba oleoduc was also planned, that they intended to use olive frame subcriticals to make underground artillery (the olive frame… being close to the ideology of the regime, but militarized, they also converted Chernobyl mash into artillery like that, and use Azovstal for the sitting of the underground artillery, so called NP2 project with neptunium in addition to the PIT404 plan, meaning that it was intended as a gas chamber and crematory oven system – see again this). The occupation of the Zapporizzhie NPP by the Russian forces is also explained by the fact a crematory oven was discovered there initially (150 victims, which seems to correspond with the data on the 8 S-shape biowarfare ovens). Ukrainians also planned to kill Polish workers for Polonez missiles and there is proof of cooperation with Belarus on the model of the Ostrovets NPP subcritical nuclear core which has a bucket system that they ritually fill with cut heads… Oleh Tyanhybok got a personal laboratory which was found tagged with Heil Hitler signs. And there was also a conspiracy to kill Pope Francis, on an island of the former Yougoslavia, after having him to talk on “children and chastity”.

I remain at disposal if you have questions.

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